Each Rental Includes...

Open Photo Booth

Photo Booth by Kelly is an ‘Open Photo Booth’, what does this mean? Unlike the classic Photo Booth style that only has limited space- an open photo booth allows you and your guests to enjoy much more space and fit more people in one picture.

Premium Props

Every Photo Booth by Kelly rental comes fully equipped with props for no additional cost. We provide an assortment full of goodies for you and your guests to enjoy and get creative with. With a full table of hats, glasses, paper mustaches, wigs, chalkboards, etc. If you have something creative in mind that you would like to add to the mix please let us know!

High Quality Equipment




We don't just setup and leave the booth. We run the booth and take some TOP NOTCH photos! Just ask Rami... Our lighting provides the clearest and most high quality photo booth photos. Your guests are guaranteed to look great!

Custom Template

Photo Booth by Kelly will create a custom template to run along the bottom of your images for no additional cost. Every logo is one of a kind and designed with your input and expertise. After all… no one knows your event better than you.



Wherever Photo Booth by Kelly is, there’s a trusty Attendant nearby. These highly trained individuals are professional, fun and skilled in all things Photo Booth. Our staff will be there to ensure all equipment is running smoothly and encourage guests to break out of their shells. From assisting the rowdy crowds with props to holding your grandma’s hand while she takes her spot in the booth, they’ve got you covered.

Boomerang Booth

This neat feature will record a sequence of photos to create a GIF! 



Upgraded  Backdrop

When booking with Photo Booth by Kelly, you automatically receive a backdrop upgrade. Select any of our 'Upgraded' backdrop selections and find a backdrop that fits your theme perfectly!  

Online Gallery

We will ensure that you can relive the fun for years to come with the help of our fancy compact disk. You and your guests will also be able to view all the photos, share or download files through our online gallery.

Instant Photo Prints

There is no wait time to view your photos! We are fully equipped to provide you and your guests instant photo prints. Choose either our photo strip prints or 4x6 photo prints. 


Unlimited Poses


There is no limit to the number of times you can pose for photos at the Photo Booth. Photo Booth by Kelly ensures that you and your guests will have an awesome time capturing unforgettable moments.